Sanctuary: The Esoteric and Eclectic World of Photographer Roe Ethridge

Why We Recommend it

Bringing together the divergent subjects and styles within Roe Ethridge’s practice—such as commercial photography, fine art and stock imagery—this photography exhibition underscores a mixing of categories that is to be embraced and protected.




Shooting and experimenting within all classic genres of photography—portrait, landscape, and still life—American photographer Roe Eldridge’s (b. Miami, 1969) democratic oeuvre includes conceptual photography, commercial work, outtakes and borrowed images.

Sanctuary is an exhibition of his latest body of work, which moves between work and home, city and country, labor and leisure. The images on show both interrupt each other and reveal unexpected relationships, like fragments of different stories coming together to form a single, ludic narrative.

A blend of the staged and the real, the exhibition makes it difficult to determine which photographs are sincere, and addresses whether notions of sincerity or truth are relevant at all.


Photo: Turtle, 2018 (cropped).  Dye sublimation print on aluminum. © Roe Ethridge – Courtesy Gagosian


When: 24 Jan 2019 - 9 Mar 2019 Where: Gagosian – 7/F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street – Central