SCI-FI-SCI: ‘The Martian’ and ‘Children of Men’ on The Silver Screen

Why We Recommend it

This mini-film festival screens two contemporary Science Fiction Films, The Martian (2016) and Children of Men (2006), followed by talks with veteran film critics.


Co-organised by the Film Programmes Office and the Hong Kong Science Museum, SCI-FI-SCI features two Award-winning science fiction films.

The Martian (2015) is a survival thriller set on Mars. In this story, astronaut Mark gets lost along with other crew members in a dust storm during a mission to Mars. Isolated and helpless on the red planet, Mark has to count on his own skills to survive.

Children of Men (2006) is set in the year 2027, a time in which the human race has been hit with an infertility crisis. Unable to cope with the number of refugees, the UK has fallen into a police state. A disillusioned former activist is called up by the head of a militant group and his ex-wife, to help a refugee, a young woman named Kee, out of the country. Along the way, Theo discovers that Kee is the sole pregnant woman on Earth.

The screenings will be followed by talks (in Cantonese), in which veteran film critics Lam Kee-to and Chang Wai-hung, science scholars Professor David Chan and Dr Joe Ling, and the Assistant Curator of the Hong Kong Science Museum, Dr So Chu-wing, will explore the meaning behind the films with audiences.

Both films are in English and will be screened with English and Chinese subtitles. 



When: 8 Apr 2018 - 22 Apr 2018 Where: Various, Hong Kong