Searching for the Spirit of Yau Ma Tei and North Point

Why We Recommend it

The local life and historical transformations of North Point and Yau Ma Tei are documented not through the eyes of curators but students, residents and local creatives – people deeply rooted in the two old neighbourhoods.


Organised by the Hong Kong Institute for Architectural Conservationists and iDiscover and supported by the Built Heritage Conservation Fund of the Hong Kong Development Bureau, the exhibition is part of the Mapping My Neighborhood Community Project, which engages local secondary school students, professionals and community stakeholders in a project-based learning initiative that took place in two chosen pilot neighbourhoods: North Point (November 2018) and Yau Ma Tei (April 2019).  The programme explores and represents Hong Kong neighbourhoods with photography, interviews, creative writing, urban sketching, videography, and other engagement methods.

Emphasising the spirit of places and keeping heritage alive for a vibrant and viable urban future, iDiscover works with locals to discover their favourite places and stories, as well as to put these off-the-beaten-track destinations in a handy map and app to create authentic routes in Asia.


When: 30 Jun 2019 - 27 Jul 2019 Where: Room S507 and Room S510, 5/F, Staunton Building, PMQ – 35 Aberdeen Street – Central