Selling the Traditional and the Modern in Chinese Art

Why We Recommend it

Art historian Craig Clunas explores the value of Chinese artworks from the Ming period to the modern period, and what this means to present day dealers.


History of Art Professor Craig Clunas, from the University of Oxford, dissects the differences and similarities between modern and traditional Chinese art.

Having authored several books on China’s art history, in this talk he draws from famous and lesser known works from the Ming period up to the 20th century. Clunas has authored several books on the topic, including Chinese Painting and Its Audiences.

This is a useful talk for anyone dipping their toes into buying or selling Chinese art, while also being relevant to those curious about the places where art, history and commerce collide.


When: 6 Jul 2017 - 6 Jul 2017 Where: Asia Society – 9 Justice Drive – Central