SKEW: In Hong Kong with China’s First Female Performance Artist Xiao Lu

Why We Recommend it

The provocative Chinese performance artist, whose action was referred to as the first gunshot in Tiananmen, puts on site-specific SKEW which embodies her bold and spontaneous style.


Xiao Lu is China’s first female performance artist, with her provocative work representing women’s issues of her generation in China, such as sexual abuse, reproductive rights, marriage and freedom.

Her works often include feminist aspects, such as “Wedlock” in 2009, where she emerged from a locked coffin and married herself. Her performances are also marked by unexpected and spontaneous events, such as her 2016 work “Polar” where she suffered a wound to her palm as she attempted to break through a cell of ice blocks with a knife.

Her more recent works focus on the way art has presented challenges to her life, as well as the ways to overcome the uncertainty of individual challenges.


When: 12 Sep 2019 - 5 Oct 2019 Where: 10 Chancery Lane Gallery – 10 Chancery Lane – Central