Public Theatre Show Small Metal Objects: Part Voyeuristic Meditation, Part Urban Thriller

Why We Recommend it

Small metal objects by Australian theatre company Back to Back Theatre is a unique show–part voyeuristic meditation, part urban thriller–that is set in a public space.



Back to Back Theatre was founded in 1987 to create idiosyncratic and unconventional theatre shows about contemporary society together with people who are perceived to have a disability.

small metal objects is a play about two ordinary guys Gary and and Steve, who inadvertently become entangled into the downfall of a business awards night. The Hong Kong play stars two actors who are part of Back to Back Theatre Groups’s permanent ensemble and two local Hong Kong actors will perform the leading roles.

The play will unfold amidst the high volume pedestrian traffic of Taikoo Place, where each audience member will be given a set of headphones and experience an intensely personal drama being played out somewhere in the crowd.

By taking the performance outside of the traditional theatre space, Back to Back Theatre positions the audience on their own stage, making them both spectator and spectacle. small metal objects is a thrilling and challenging experience for the audience, as they have to navigate two narratives that bring characters and audience together.


When: 1 Nov 2017 - 3 Nov 2017 Where: Office lobby of PCCW Tower in Taikoo Place – 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay – Eastern District