So long as they are wild: Los Angeles-based Artist Catherine Opie Shoots Yosemite

Why We Recommend it

Opie presents a series of photographs shot in Yosemite National Park in California, alongside a series of ceramic sculptures that demonstrate a new direction in her practice.




Known for her ability to create photographs that unite contemporary themes and issues with a classical aesthetic, Opie has spent a great deal of time visiting and photographing wildernesses across the United States.

This project focuses on Yosemite as an homage to iconic photographer Ansel Adams, an authority on depictions of wild space. Opie’s photographs push the boundaries of Adams’ well-known vistas through complex compositions.

Shown in conjunction with the Yosemite photographs will be Opie’s new ceramic sculptures of tree stumps. These are significant to the exhibition as a tactical representation of the nature in her photographs.



When: 17 May 2018 - 7 Jul 2018 Where: Lehmann Maupin – Pedder building, 12 Pedder Street – Central