Sotheby’s Presents Groundbreaking Chinese Contemporary Art in The First Avant-Garde

Why We Recommend it

Sotheby’s showcases a series of Chinese Contemporary artworks from the private collection of eminent Hong Kong curator and critic Johnson Chang.


Sotheby’s exhibition The First Avant-Garde, followed by an auction, features 14 Chinese avant-garde artworks from the 1990s which were pivotal in breaking ground for the genre. Created against the backdrop of the ending of the Cultural Revolution, increased Western influence and China’s strides towards modernity, they centre around the human figure, encapsulating the fears and anxieties imbued in the Chinese identity.

The selection is from Johnson Chang‘s personal collection. Chang is widely acclaimed for staging the groundbreaking exhibitions The Stars: 10 Years and China’s New Art, Post 1989, putting Chinese contemporary art on the map for an international audience. Most notably, Zhang Xiaogang’s monumental triptych The Dark Trilogy: Fear, Meditation, Sorrow,
will be presented and offered in its entirety, the first time since the early 1990s.

Other contemporary masters featured include Zeng Fanzhi, Liu Wei, Fang Lijun, and Yu Youhan.


When: 3 Oct 2020 - 7 Oct 2020 Where: Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre – 1 Expo Drive – Wan Chai