Soul is like wind; Life is like Snow: New Works of Ai Xuan

Why We Recommend it

This solo exhibit showcases the realist works of internationally recognized painter Ai Xuan, who is the son of modern Chinese poet Ai Qing.


Where Ai Xuan’s half-brother Ai Weiwei might have devoted his life to conceptual, provocative art that has made him a household name internationally and contentious individual in China, Ai Xuan’s art belongs to a different tradition, emphasising commitment to technique over overt political messages.

He is known for his nostalgic depictions of the Tibetan people, reflecting the impact of his personal travels to the region.

This exhibit will showcase twenty nine of the artist’s latest works, including three recently created oil paintings, seventeen ink works and nine drawings.


When: 27 Mar 2018 - 28 Apr 2018 Where: Kwai Fung Hin – G/f 20 Ice House Street – Central