Into the Spanish Cultural Identity Crisis with Mar Sáez’s Photography Exhibition

Why We Recommend it

Spanish photographer Mar Sáez’s (b. 1983) first solo exhibition in Asia reflects on the uncertainty  and loneliness of life through two series of intimate and still photos. To The Travellers, a travel experience with strangers and Vera and Victoria, a portray of a transsexual couple.


“Feeling like I was from here, but also from there. Almost always feeling like I was from

– Mar Sáez

In search of identity, Sáez started to travel with strangers in Spain in 2015 and has created this visual diary – To The Travellers. After more than 100 encounters with travellers along the way, Mar has realised that many of us share the same worries, fears and loneliness in lives. With her colour images, Mar invites us to join her journey to experience all the uncertainty in life. This work is a dedication to ‘those who travel’ and above all, ‘those who feel’.

Photographed between 2012 and 2016, Sáez’s other series Vera and Victoria portrays the daily life of the transsexual couple. The 46 black-and-white images selected from this award-winning series unveil the loves, dreams, hopes and fears of the young couple. Through these images, Sáez allows us to submerge ourselves in the intimate universe of Vera and Victoria and embrace the beauty of their relationship.


Please note that ‘Vera and Victoria’ contains nudity images and is restricted to persons aged 18 and above.


When: 11 Sep 2019 - 23 Nov 2019 Where: F22 Foto Space, 5/F, Amber Commercial Building – 70-74 Morrison Hill Road – Wan Chai