Sparks: Solo Exhibit of Artist and Entrepreneur Sin Sin Man

Why We Recommend it

Artist and founder of cultural conglomerate Sin Sin Man produces art in multimedia while seeking out inspiration in the everyday.


Sin Sin Man enjoys exploring the unfathomable origins in her art, which she produces alongside running a cultural conglomerate in which she plays a number of roles.

Among them, she has acted as curator, designer, and atelier. As such, she is constantly on the look out for new inspiration.

These various creative adventures feed in to her art making, the fruits of which can be enjoyed in her latest exhibit, ‘Sparks’. It features works produced out of a range of materials including wood, metal, mirror, textile and light.


When: 21 Nov 2017 - 15 Jan 2018 Where: Sin Sin Fine Art – G/f 52 Sai Street, – Central