Stillness: Valentina Loffredo’s Photos Depict Healing from Trauma

Why We Recommend it

Italian fine art photographer Valentina Loffredo‘s latest series, which explores the healing process that leads us from a trauma back into life, will be on show at Soho 189 and Novalis Contemporary Art Gallery.


Naples-born, Hong Kong-based photographer Valentina Loffredo (b. 1978) art practice first began in 2013, when she started experimenting with photography and posting her images on Instagram. Her work was met with immediate critical acclaim, leading to a series of both solo and group exhibitions. Loffredo’s first photography book is set to be published in early 2019.

Her latest body of work, entitled Stillness, is an enigmatic visual-narrative sequence of eleven photographs. Through minimalist, uncanny compositions and recurring symbolic elements such as buoys, Loffredo draws a parallel between our life and the seascape, observing what happens after a sudden and unexpected storm.

Stillness opens at Soho 189 where it will be exhibited from November 22 – 25, the exhibition then moves to Novalis Contemporary Art Gallery where it will be on show from November 27 – December 15.

We spoke to Loffredo to find more about her work – you can read the interview here.


When: 22 Nov 2018 - 15 Dec 2018 Where: Various