Sunset Survivors: Meet the Unsung Heroes who Keep Hong Kong’s Traditional Industries Alive

Why We Recommend it

Join English/Macanese author Lindsay Varty for a talk on the guardians of Hong Kong’s dying traditional crafts at Asia Society Hong Kong.


As industries of the older generation such as fortune telling, face threading and a myriad of curious local professions are gradually replaced and forgotten in today’s Hong Kong, Varty puts together the book Sunset Survivors as a tribute to those keeping the flame burning in a city besieged by foreign imports and stiff competition.

Varty’s book preserves the stories, memories and little-known facts of these trades through both candid interviews and captivating pictures, which are shot by Hong Kong photographer Gary Jones.

In this evening session at Asia Society Hong Kong, Varty will share stories on these craftsmen and -women, and educate her audience on the foundations on which the city was built.



When: 22 Jan 2019 - 22 Jan 2019 Where: Asia Society Hong Kong Center – 9 Justice Drive – Admiralty