Synchronicity: Award-Winning Landscape Photography by Stephen King

Why We Recommend it

Featuring thoughtfully curated pairs of natural and urban landscape photographs, this exhibition intrigues with its exploration of similarities between nature and man-made.


Synchronicity is a solo exhibition by award-winning landscape photographer Stephen King, featuring his recent photographs of Hong Kong side by side with his landscape images. The show invites comparison between the unlikely pairings—neon lights with river deltas, a busy road with bare trees—which despite the contrasting subjects, evoke much of the same emotions. It feels almost like a guided tour, where the photographer seems to be speaking to the audience through the pairings, teaching us to see the similarities between the photos in composition – structure, shapes and light. The concluding message is one of harmony, and raises thoughtful questions: Perhaps mankind resembles and needs nature more than we’d care to admit?

Stephen King is famed for the meticulous, painterly sophistication of his works, which highlight the drama and serenity of natural scenery from all around the world. His aesthetic sense is influenced by a mix of East and West: Chinese traditional ink paintings informs his use of negative space and vertical composition, while abstract expressionist artists inspire him in colour, composition and abstraction. Amongst many other accolades, he was awarded National Geographic’s Nature Photographer of the Year, ranked ninth in the World’s Top Ten Landscape Photographer 2018 selection by One Eyeland and was invited by the American Chamber of Commerce to be their featured photographer.

The gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday 10am-6pm or by appointment. Contact +852 2526 1091 or for details.


When: 8 Aug 2020 - 31 Oct 2020 Where: Alisan Fine Arts Aberdeen – Unit 2305, 23/F, Hing Wai Centre, 7 Tin Wan Praya Road – Aberdeen