[Postponed] New Show at Tai Kwun: They Do Not Understand Each Other

Why We Recommend it

Tai Kwun’s new exhibition They Do Not Understand Each Other features new commissions and works from museums in Osaka and Singapore.


This exhibition has been postponed until further notice.

Tai Kwun Contemporary’s art exhibition They Do Not Understand Each Other, presented by the National Museum of Art, Osaka and the Singapore Art Museum, features works from the two museums’ collections alongside new commissions.

This group exhibition draws from the title of an artwork by Tsubasa Kato, in which the artist, speaking in Japanese, attempts to cooperate with a collaborator from Korea. Despite being unable to understand each other’s languages, it would appear they find some measure of connection, even if in humorous miscommunication, finally completing their task of installing a sign on the small island set in the vastness of a sea that separates (or connects) these two nations.

Artworks on show revolve around cultural exchange and the understanding it promotes. The exhibition thus presents art about exchange, communication, miscommunication, connections, tolerance, representation, as well as revelations on desires and expectations of the familiar, unfamiliar and new. In essence, of situations and conditions of unevenness, between individuals, peoples and things.

Featured image courtesy of Tai Kwun
Tsubasa Kato, “They do not understand each other” (2014)
Collection of the National Museum of Art, Osaka
Photography by Keiichi Sakakura


When: 15 Feb 2020 - 17 May 2020 Where: JC Contemporary, Tai Kwun – Old Bailey Street – Central