Tale of Three Cities: Contemporary Dance from Hong Kong, Seoul and Taitung

Why We Recommend it

Tale of Three Cities delves into the history of time-honoured cultures, retraces our roots and contemplates modern life through three contemporary dance pieces.


A collaborative effort of the Hong Kong Dance Company, Bulareyaung Dance Company (Taitung) and Han Dance Project (Seoul), this performance depicts our innate longing to return to nature.

The three choreographers of the respective dance companies set to explore the potential of the body within the context of intangible heritage, telling stories about their homes through the body.

The Hong Kong Dance Company will perform Four Seasons, a piece that celebrates the Fragrant Harbour’s rich soil that has nurtured generations of people, and contemplates the question how far we have drifted from our essence as time goes by.

This performance will be followed by Bulareyaung Dance Company’s Qaciljay, which pays tribute to Taiwan’s Paiwan culture. ‘Qaciljay means ‘stones’ in the indigenous language, and refers to the pristine landscape of eastern Taiwan. The piece is inspired by traditional songs and dances of the tribal community and illustrates the sacred union of the indigenous people and the earth.

Closing the night will be Han Dance Project’s Furious Sea — Memory on Ube, a dance which commemorates the victims of the 1942 Chosei Coal Mine disaster, who are remembered for the anguish they suffered.


When: 2 Feb 2018 - 4 Feb 2018 Where: Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium – 12 Hing Ning Rd, Kwai Chung – New Territories