TECH-iNK Garden: Victor Wong x A.I. Gemini

Why We Recommend it

The world’s first TECH-iNK artist A.I. Gemini – programmed with artificial intelligence – paints unique Chinese landscapes.


For its first time in Hong Kong, TECH-iNK Garden showcases the new A.I. ink paintings 7 Scholars series, to continue the exploration of nature by Escapism and Far Side of the Moon series; the latter of which being TECH-iNK artist Victor Wong’s first solo exhibition held recently at 3812 Gallery London that provoked discussion of the relationship between technology and art.

Curated with the concept of Chinese garden, TECH-iNK Garden integrates the understanding of space in Chinese culture, in response to the “Eastern origin” in Wong’s works with technology as his art language. The show reviews the journey of Wong’s creation from digital art to artificial intelligence, including 3D projection, 3D-printing sculptures and A.I. landscape paintings.

The collaboration between Wong and A.I. Gemini defines a new movement in ink art – Tech-ink. It is disrupting the art world and Chinese ink; expanding the possibilities technology can offer creativity whilst mindfully exploring the challenges of this relationship.

Last October, A.I. Gemini was presented at Ink Now press conference in Taipei for its first time, followed by unveiling the world’s first TECH-iNK landscape paintings Escapismseries at Ink Now Art Expo in Taipei earlier this year. The beginning of Tech-ink era was then announced. Wong spent 3 years on programming and developing A.I. Gemini, which painted in the tradition of Xieyi (寫意/意境), rather than a direct recreation of reality with big data. Wong says, ‘I treat A.I. Gemini as a student, coaching it to master simple brush strokes and programming it to develop its own recognisable style rather than copy the work of ink masters. I believe that the artificial intelligence governing it is indeed advanced enough to parallel aesthetic judgement. A.I. Gemini has proved a capable student, as careful algorithms and random factors allow it to create beautiful compositions without assistance. A.I. Gemini’s decisions have become autonomous, and the form of its chaotic and wild landscapes are now unpredictable even to me.’


When: 26 Jun 2019 - 30 Aug 2019 Where: 3812 Gallery Hong Kong, 16B, Wyndham Place – 40-44 Wyndham Street – Central