The City is the Cinema: A Free Outdoor Moving Images Festival

Why We Recommend it

Filmmakers, new media artists, illustrators, and singer-songwriters join forces to create a unique and fun carnival that is free-for-all.


Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, The City is the Cinema will see open-air screenings, film tents, a cinematic playground, an experience zone and a pop-up market.

Festival highlights include include an open-air screening of Plain Jane to The Rescue, the 1982 classic comedy directed by John Woo; ‘Twelve-swing Donut’, a large-scale, interactive installation that evokes childhood memories; and a film workshop for creating abstract animation on 16mm film.

The carnival will also see the winners of the ‘Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – 48 Hour Film Challenge’, in which teams were challenged to produce a short film in just two days time.


When: 29 Sep 2018 - 30 Sep 2018 Where: Edinburgh Place – Central