The Garden of Winter Light: Art on the Interface Between Nature and Culture

Why We Recommend it

This eclectic exhibition brings together artworks spanning decades and diverse geographies, from early 1990s Taiwan to present-day Hong Kong, Mongolia, Ghana and elsewhere.


The Garden of Winter Light is curated with the intention to create an urban space for loitering in leisure, akin to the invigorating, soul-nourishing experience of taking a winter stroll through a garden. The metaphor of the garden is also chosen to prompt the observation that culture itself too becomes natural—when it grows and adapts and transforms without losing its source-root.

The works on show in this multifarious exhibition are tied together by the theme of the interface between culture and nature. Artists exhibited include acclaimed Hong Kong artist Gaylord Chan.



When: 10 Jan 2019 - 15 Mar 2019 Where: Hanart TZ Gallery – 401 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street – Central