Discover Tai Kwun and Central’s Multicultural Stories

Why We Recommend it

Tai Kwun’s new multicultural tours lead participants into the heart of Central to share its many hidden historical South Asian community stories.


Hong Kong has a long-established South Asian community, with many Indian officers serving as police and prison officers since the 19th century. Through Tai Kwun’s programme, their descendants or family members now act as ethnic minority Cultural Ambassadors, who bring visitors to their neighbourhoods to retrace the multicultural stories of Tai Kwun and Central through the footsteps of police officers, traders, neighbours, and more.

The tours are organised in collaboration with WEDO GLOBAL, a social enterprise advocating multicultural education since 2011. The organisation plans and arranges various multicultural workshops, local walking tours and overseas experiential tours to offer opportunities for participants to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Please note that the Tai Kwun tour is off-site. There are Cantonese tours on 25 May 2019 and 8 June 2019, and one English tour on 8 June 2019.


When: 25 May 2019 - 8 Jun 2019 Where: Tai Kwun – 10 Hollywood Road – Central