The Organic Sculptures of Kenyan Artist Wangechi Mutu

Why We Recommend it

Internationally recognised Kenya artist Mutu uses organic matter to explore man’s relationship with nature.


The Kenya-born artist, based in New York and Nairobi, will debut a new body of work comprised of sculptures and paintings representing the artist’s use of materials from familiar surroundings that have informed her continued engagement with the natural world.

Mutu is internationally known for her mixed-media collages that deal with issues of identity. In recent years, her oeuvre has expanded with a focus on sculpture, performance, and animation. These works are often brought together in the form of cohesive installations. In her most recent work, Mutu continues to explore the relationship between humans and the natural environment through new materials. The work is made from organic matter, including rocks and minerals, roots and branches sourced from different parts of East Africa.


When: 18 May 2017 - 8 Jul 2017 Where: Lehmann Maupin – Central