The Preservationists: Re-Examining Space at Duddell’s Restaurant

Why We Recommend it

Bringing together multidisciplinary works from Hong Kong and abroad, this exhibit contemplates space and tangibility.


Being neither a museum or a gallery in its own right, Duddell’s is a space that invites visitors to experience art in the city in a different way.

This show brings together multidisciplinary works of eleven local and international artists, exploring how to re-imagine space.

These works incorporating much of what is found on-site, including ceramics, ink, marble, paper and textiles, while also referencing the food and beverage industry.

The artists willfully engage in grounding viewers in the aesthetic, physical and experiential space their works inhabit, which are rooted in Hong Kong’s evolving story.

On the list of featured artists are Aniwar Mamat, from Xinjiang, alongside Hong Kong artists Andrew Luk and Tang Kwok Hin.




When: 25 Nov 2017 - 11 Mar 2018 Where: Duddell's – Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street – Central