Tibetan Plateau Talks: Unraveling the History of the Silk Road

Why We Recommend it

This free two-day forum will focus on the study of Buddhist relics, the artistic styles and archaeological discoveries in the core areas of the Silk Road.


Organised by the Asia Society Hong Kong, this forum invites academics and experts from Asia and beyond to share their insights with the general public on the Tibetan Plateau. This was an important and active area on the Silk Road, and has left a rich and varied cultural and artistic heritage in its more than two thousand years of history.

The Silk Road and the Art of the Tibetan Plateau Forum will take art history, cultural relics and archaeological discoveries in the countries and regions of the Tibetan Plateau as its theme. Its aim is to unveil how the Silk Road, as an economic and cultural epicentre, affected the many Himalayan areas it encompassed in terms of multicultural and religious dissemination, migration of ethnic groups, commerce, and trade.


When: 26 May 2018 - 27 May 2018 Where: Asia Society Hong Kong Center – 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty – Central