The Strangeness of Her Narratives: Four Hong Kong Artists

Why We Recommend it

This exhibit, featuring four Hong Kong artists: Gaffer Chan, Eastman Cheng, Joey Leung and Wong Yeeki, explores the creative practice of each artist through works ranging from painting and drawing to video and installation.


The show invites viewers to experience the idiosyncratic worlds of four Hong Kong artists who, through creation and output, exploit a richly imaginative vocabulary that is distinctly local, individual and contemporary.

Featured are the works of Zaffer Chan, an artist known for pushing the boundaries of traditional Chinese ink art; Joey Leung, whose intricate artwork, often rendered in ink and coloured pencil, are reminiscent of Chinese court paintings and traditional ink art, as well as those in the literati tradition and Japanese manga; Eastman Cheng, who employs installation, sculpture and video to examine modern social and economic values; and Wong Yeeki, who operates with multiple perspectives and illustrations of the interactions of characters within a space-time illusion.


When: 4 Aug 2018 - 8 Sep 2018 Where: Rossi and Rossi – 6 Yip Fat Street, 3/F Yally Industrial Building – Wong Chuk Hang