The theatrical and Meticulously Staged Photography of LA-based Artist Alex Prager

Why We Recommend it

Prager depicts uncontextualized settings, manipulating scale and dimension to challenge our understanding of the boundary between fiction and reality.


With this new body of work, artist Alex Prager teases out the dynamic tension between fiction and reality that runs through the medium of photography.

She manipulates elements of the images such that the viewer is reminded of the innate unreliability of the camera and the treatment photographs can go to subsequent to their being taken.

She does so by creating layered, in-congruent scenes, removing the certainty of the omnipotent perspective of the viewer through scale, dramatic cropping and layering, in an attempt to lay bare the artifice inherent in the creation of images.

Prager has a recognized body of work devoted to playing with the theme of image as mirage, commenting on the ways in which contemporary society’s enmeshment with the artificial and/or doctored visual stimuli that surrounds makes us easily amenable to manipulation.

In this collection, Prager invites us to contemplate the psychological processes involved in our own observations, and how we respond to the selective versions of reality presented in marketing, news, and on social media.



When: 18 Jan 2018 - 17 Mar 2018 Where: Lehmann Maupin – Pedder building, 12 Pedder Street – Central