The Waiting Room: A Gripping Play on Abortion and The Female Body

Why We Recommend it

Featuring physical theatre, movement and multiple languages, The Waiting Room ​explores themes such as choice, the female body, and the private traumas women face on a daily basis. 


Set in an abortion clinic, The Waiting Room explores the stories of real individuals who grapple with the many pains of abortion. ​Audiences will hear raw, unapologetic and diverse views on the subject of the female body, told through the gripping stories of women faced with unplanned pregnancies and the sometimes funny, oftentimes heartbreaking struggles of a choice nobody ever dreams of having to make.

Starring 5 actresses from a range of backgrounds and experiences, the show hopes to open up dialogue on the highly debated topic of abortion. It aims to illustrate the anxieties women grapple with when faced with controversy about their bodies, and the many different ways they learn to cope with it all.

The Waiting Room is self-funded and produced by A Common Collective, a newly founded collective seeking to explore the unapologetic truths of the human condition through group collaborations. The play was born out of the observation that there is a lack of thought-provoking English-language theatre regarding social issues in Hong Kong.


When: 7 Jun 2019 - 9 Jun 2019 Where: The Hive Studios, 8/F – 12P Smithfield – Kennedy Town