The Weasels’ Tale ⁠– Juan Jose Campanella’s Darkly Humorous Play

Why We Recommend it

Oscar-winning Argentinian director Juan José Campanella’s latest live-action feature demonstrates his ability to merge drama with comedy.


Argentinian director Juan José Campanella won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with his 2009 crime drama The Secret in Their Eyes. After nearly a decade, Campanella returns with The Weasels’ Tale, a film that covers everything from suspense and drama to romance and comedy.

The style of comedy present in The Weasels’ Tale is inspired by Ernst Lubitsch’s classic comedies. However, Campanella infuses the film with his own unorthodox twist, making The Weasels’ Tale both exciting and humorous.

The Weasels’ Tale illustrates a witty narrative whereby a retired actress from the golden age of Argentinian cinema lives in a luxurious mansion with her husband, a scriptwriter and a director. When a young couple persuades the actress to sell her house, the other housemates realise that they must prevent this sale from happening.

The Weasels’ Tale opens in theatres on July 9 in selected Broadway circuit cinemas.


When: 9 Jul 2020 - 16 Aug 2020 Where: Various