Theatre of New Gods: Unique Perspectives on God and People

Why We Recommend it

Featuring 12 artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, Theatre of New Gods presents each of their unique perspectives on the relationship between God and people.


Rossi & Rossi is presenting Theatre of New Gods, a group exhibition featuring 12 artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Each artist provides a distinctive take on the relationship between God and people, resulting in a cultural kaleidoscope that offers viewers a glimpse into the different developments of the same religious beliefs under diverging trajectories in history.

The curator of Theatre of New Gods, Chris Wan Feng, was inspired to set up this exhibition when researching folk culture in Tainan. The diversity of folk religious activities serves as a reminder that the research in religions can help trace the course of changes in human society and reflect how today’s culture is being constantly shaped, portrayed and re-interpreted. If we were to think that religion is rooted in the spiritual interaction between deities and humankind, we must acknowledge “divinity” as such is still being actively renewed and re-created. The “new gods” in this sense are being reshaped in theatrical performances, prompting viewers to rethink humanity and human life.

The exhibition layout reflects the continuum of space in Chinese temples, representing the return to and recurrence of history. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of workshops, seminars, and publications, with an aim to renew the discussion of religiosity, beliefs, and folk culture. Artists include Lin Bo-liang (b. 1952), Chen Po-I (b. 1972), Xu Zhen (b. 1977), Jiang Sheng (b. 1990) and Tian Xiaolei (b. 1982) among others.


When: 23 Nov 2019 - 24 Jan 2020 Where: Rossi & Rossi – Yally Industrial Building Unit 3C, 6 Yip Fat Street – Wong Chuk Hang