Those Sparkles We See: Myocarditis-Fighting Artist’s Retrospective

Why We Recommend it

The exhibition in new artist-run space Negative Space features the posthumous works by local multi-talented new media artist and independent musician Anna Chim (1994-2018) who sadly passed away in March 2018.


After Chim’s sudden death, her friends endeavoured to re-present the works that she could not finish and publish. Last year, her personal music collection “ANNA” was published by Absurd Trax, an alternative electronic music label. This exhibition focuses on her new media and video artworks from 2015 to 2018.

Referring to the three “Manifestos on Videography” written by Chim in 2016, 2017 and 2018, this exhibition presents her oeuvre. The space design refers to her graduation work “Forget about love” in 2017, recreated collectively by her friends. Although the exhibition is themed as a retrospective, the exhibition aims at demonstrating her influence on her contemporaries. In her short 24 years of life, there are many works that are left incomplete, and many ideas that are still in the rudimentary stage. However, her influence has no boundaries; she remains an inspiration and pioneer in her generation and artist circles.

In university, Chim’s focused on new media and video art. She joined a three-year video art project “Videography. Micro Narratives. Temporal Beings. Our Manifesto” with her schoolmates in 2015. Two years later, she initiated another video art project “Video Cypher”, which promotes mutual encouragement and inspiration of video making among friends, the project is still running at present day. The musician formed an experimental hip hop group “Cooking Bitches” with her friend Laiki in 2017, and began to produce solo songs under her own name “Anna” in the same year. She also collaborated with the alternative music label, Absurd Trax (Absurd Creation), and participated in independent music performance planning and album design.

In her self-introduction on the “Video Cypher” page, Chim states, “I aim at being good and hardcore. If Hong Kong had 10000 of Anna Chim, they would be spreading love, randomness and Marxist thinking everywhere. But here is only one. She is making art.”

Please note that the exhibition opening is semi-private and by invitation only. Kindly contact Phaedrus Lam at 6769-9703 to visit.


When: 24 Jul 2019 - 25 Aug 2019 Where: Negative Space (365), 12/F, Foo Tak Building – Wan Chai