Tick Tock: Sam Cheng’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’-like Ink Paintings

Why We Recommend it

Emerging local ink painting artist Sam Cheng capture life’s tiny details in her innovative, surreal ink artworks that fuse tradition with modernisation.


The illusory and contradictory quality of time and space, as well as the city’s fast-paced environment, inspired the title of Sam Cheng’s solo exhibition, Tick Tock. 

Cheng’s pieces unite both imagination and memory, and past and present, as she uses the Gongbi Hua (‘traditional delineative painting’; 工筆) technique to depict modern ideas.

In her artworks, Cheng likes to immortalise the things that most city-dwellers may not notice, such as a cat’s favourite hiding place, or a plant sprouting in a unusual place.



When: 15 Feb 2019 - 8 Mar 2019 Where: Sansiao Gallery HK, Room 104-5 Wilson House – 19-27 Wyndham Street – Central