Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak: On stage, with tap dance and magic

Why We Recommend it

This jazzy, fun show by Hong Kong tap dance group R&T blends contemporary dance, video and magic to tell the story of five convicts attempting to escape from prison.


Escorted by a warden, a group of convicts are transferred to a rural prison via the waterways.  When their vessel capsizes in an unexpected storm, the five surviving convicts find themselves stranded on an island.

When they run into the warden, a cat-and-mouse chase begins. To survive, the convicts decide to form an alliance headed by the magician in the group.  They look for resources and maps left by predecessors on the island in hopes for a way out.

Featuring tap dance as the centrepiece, Undestined Sail is a fusion of modern dance, video, and magic. The show is created by R&T (Rhythm & Tempo), a local tap dance group founded in 2008.


When: 12 Jan 2018 - 14 Jan 2018 Where: Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre – 111 Shau Kei Wan Rd, Sai Wan Ho – Eastern District