Touch the Stars 3D: A Visual Journey to the Solar System

Why We Recommend it

The latest 3D Dome Show takes viewers on a visually spectacular ride on the paths of these probes to explore the solar system and beyond our home galaxy.


For thousands of years, the stars in the sky seem to be beyond human reach. Not until we sent space probes to visit these celestial objects were we able to unveil their secrets. The robotic explorers bring viewers to various destinations in space, including the violent cyclones of Jupiter’s North Pole, the heart shaped great ice sheet on Pluto, the tallest cliff in the solar system on Uranus’s moon Miranda, as well as the most volcanically active body, Jupiter’s moon Io. Along the way, viewers get the chance to witness the discoveries made and the new ideas brought by these legendary explorers such as Mariner, Viking and Voyager.

Created with latest high definition imagery and scientific data, this film takes viewers to the heart of solar system and the surface of its planets and moons before reaching out to the outer planets and beyond.


When: 1 Jul 2019 - 30 Dec 2019 Where: Stanley Ho Space Theatre, Hong Kong Space Museum – 10 Salisbury Road – Tsim Sha Tsui