Trial Reopened: The Curious Case of A Red Embroidered Shoe

Why We Recommend it

Treat yourself to a tale of romantic intrigue and wrongdoing as this Cantonese opera classic returns to the stage.


The conspiracy seems to be foolproof. Court clerk Qin Sanfeng and widow Yang Liujiao are madly in love with each other. In order to be wedded, the two murder Qin’s wife to elope away together. They carefully arrange the crime scene to frame Yang’s aunt Su Yugui as the perpetrator by hacking off the dead wife’s head, burying it under an aspen in the yard of the government office, dressing up the corpse in Yang’s clothes and, the most significantly, the red silk shoes embroidered by Yang. The new District Magistrate, Meng, is fooled by the ruse and orders the execution of Su and her boyfriend Liu.

But when one of the red shoes fall off when the true murderers frantically dispose of the body, things start to go wrong. Zuo, the magistrate of Changzhou, learns about the arrest of his student Liu when he passes through Suzhou. He finds the case suspicious and decides to reopen it. Will Su and Liu be rescued before it’s too late?

Please note that the Cantonese performance will be supplemented with English and Chinese subtitles.



When: 16 Feb 2019 - 16 Feb 2019 Where: Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre – 88 Austin Road West – Tsim Sha Tsui