Water and Earth: Landscape Photography by Tugo Cheng

Why We Recommend it

The beauty of nature transformed is the subject of Tugo Cheng’s landscape and aerial photography, which is on display at Harbour City.


Harbour City’s Gallery by the Harbour presents the exhibition Water and Earth, featuring a series of landscape and aerial photography by Hong Kong architect and photographer Tugo Cheng.

From the mountainous Tibetan inland to coastal fishing villages in southeastern China, people have reshaped nature for food and created unintentional landscapes of culture and tradition. Works at this exhibition captures the rhythm and beauty in water and earth transformed by people from new perspectives.

With his camera and drone, Cheng travels all around to witness these stories of lives in different parts of the continent and creates pictures of vernacular wonders of tea and rice terraces, salt fields and the like. The selection of images reveals the picturesque sceneries behind what we consume every day, such as rice, tea, wheat, fish, oil and salt.

As a fine art photographer with the eyes of an architect, Cheng is always in search of order and rhythm in everything. His works are celebrated for their unconventional geometries and patterns that are reminiscent of ink paintings according, as well as the abundant colours and textures that illuminate the most surreal terrains on earth.

Guided tours may be arranged upon request. Please check the website for more details.

Educated in Hong Kong, Beijing and Cambridge, Tugo Cheng is a Hong Kong based architect and fine art photographer who has received multiple international awards and nominations including the National Geographic Awards, Sony World Photography Awards, International Photographer of the Year, Fine Art Photography Awards and Hasselblad Masters.


When: 20 Feb 2020 - 8 Mar 2020 Where: Gallery by the Harbour – Harbour City – Tsim Sha Tsui