Twists & Turns: Five Artists Visualise Radical and Sudden Change

Why We Recommend it

Bringing together the works of five contemporary artists who are living and working in China and Hong Kong, this eclectic exhibition addresses the need to react visually to the uneasy experience of living in an ever-changing environment.


Curated by Pékin Fine Arts, Twists & Turns is a group exhibition featuring works by Cynthia Sah, Daphné Mandel, Huang Zhiyang, Ryan LaBar, and Tang Guo.

Tang Guo and Huang Zhiyang’s ink paintings record fragments of traditional architectural forms and dreamscapes of impenetrable walls of vegetation. Both artists rely on memory invoking automatic responses to years of brushwork practice. Huang says he first “creates a space and then proceeds to break it”. This seemingly random act implies a state of creation that lies somewhere between ‘automatic’ and ‘unintentional’.

Collage artist Daphné Mandel and ceramist Ryan LaBar’s art both features layered structures cascading downward, defying the need for balance and equilibrium. Some works are busy and balanced, where others seem piled and chaotic. These contradictions are metaphors for today’s world, our bodies, and our philosophies.

Cynthia Sah’s marble and granite sculptures wrestle with finding balance in one of nature’s hardest elements, demonstrating its resistance to a sculptor’s cut and polish.


When: 24 Nov 2018 - 26 Jan 2019 Where: Pékin Fine Arts – 16/F, Union Industrial Building, 48 Wong Chuk Hang Road – Aberdeen