Two weeks of theatre, dance, and more: Freespace at Taikoo Place

Why We Recommend it

This two-week-long performance art programme will present a diverse range of contemporary and cross-disciplinary art forms, and collaborations between local and international performers.


Over 11 consecutive weekdays, lunchtimes and evenings, more than 80 local and overseas artists will perform at the New ArtisTree, Mr & Mrs Fox, office lobbies and Taikoo Park. Freespace at Taikoo Place features 14 unique programmes and 30 performances of theatre, dance, music and multimedia, as well as exhibitions. The programme includes Snuff Puppets’s interactive performance Human Body Parts (Australia), shadow puppet performance Lula Del Ray by Manual Cinema (US), Tim Crouch’ I, Malvolio, an acclaimed one-man show that re-imagines Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night from the point of view of the pent-up antagonist (UK).




When: 26 Oct 2017 - 5 Nov 2017 Where: Various, Hong Kong