Unstable Stillness: Installations Made With Taxidermied Animals, Stockings and Neon Lights

Why We Recommend it

Four Mexican artists redefine the boundaries of architecture, physics and human senses by creating imaginative works made of “non-art” materials.


Imagine anchoring glass panels in suspension just by gravity. This is what Mexican artists José León Cerrillo (b. 1976), Jose Dávila (b. 1974), Gabriel Rico (b. 1980) and Martín Soto Climent (b. 1977) incorporate in their sculptures: tension, the unconventionality in redefining space and the re-imagination of using non-art materials to make art.

Curated by Perrotin Hong Kong, Unstable Stillness is the quartet’s first show in the city. They investigate concepts of geometry, modernism and architecture by experimenting with all sorts of materials less likely to be associated with art—ranging from found objects, stockings and neon lights, to taxidermied animals and fabricated objects.

Similar to their previous presentation Cómo te voy a olvidar (How could I forget you?) in 2016 at Perrotin Paris, this exhibition is likely to change the viewers’ perception of space and art.


When: 1 Nov 2018 - 1 Dec 2018 Where: Perrotin – 50 Connaught Road – Central