Urban Roaming, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: A Hong Kong Tour

Why We Recommend it

In this collective urban-roaming experience, explorers experience the city from the perspective of artificial intelligence by wearing headphones that are guided by GPS navigators.


An international phenomenon staged in more than 40 countries, Remote X is a treasure hunt, urban-roaming experience and soundtrack with its own dramaturgy in one, created by German creative collective Rimini Protokoll. It questions artificial intelligence, big data and our predictability.

This tour is guided by a synthetic voice as we know them from GPS navigators, directing the participants to familiar yet unknown territories. This encounter with this artificial intelligence leads people to perform an experiment on themselves, watch each other, make individual decisions and yet remain part of a group.

Along the way, binaural recordings and film scores provide a soundtrack for the urban landscape, turning the journey through the city into a collective film.

The Hong Kong edition is hosted by Tai Kwun, with tours organised in both English and Cantonese.


When: 12 Jul 2018 - 12 Aug 2018 Where: Gathering point: Chinese Christian Cemetery – 140 Junction Road – Pak Hok Shan, Kowloon