Screening Exhibition for the summer:”Play & Loop II”

Why We Recommend it

Blindspot Gallery hosts a screening exhibition with a unique format – video works of 2 artists will be played on loop for one week during the opening hours of the Gallery, lasting consecutive weeks.  Prominent homegrown artists involved with the project include Angela Su, Leung Chi Wo and Wong Kit Yi.


In ‘Play & Loop II”, Blindspot Gallery thoughtfully selects pairs of videos to play on loop for 8 consecutive weeks, featuring a total of 18 regional and international artists.  Each pairing pertains to a theme that addresses prominent social issues or feelings and emotions that are a common product of the modern lifestyle, inviting reflection on the unruly past and the uncertain road ahead, making for a unique video exhibition experience.


Screening schedule:

Week 1  (27/6 – 4/7)
Theme: Heavy Hands.  Works of Pilvi Takala, Leung Chi Wo.

Week 2  (7/7 – 11/7)
Theme: Still Dancing.  Works of Ming Wong, Hao Jingban.

Week 3  (14/7 – 18/7)
Theme: Daily Phobia.  Works of Patty Chang, Nira Pereg.

Week 4  (21/7 – 25/7)
Theme: Going Away.  Works of Patty Chang, Wong Kit Yi.

Week 5  (28/7 – 1/8)
Theme: Resist.  Works of Sophia Al-Maria, Shen Xin.

Week 6  (4/8 – 8/8)
Theme: Chase.  Works of Issac Julien, Jiang Zhi.

Week 7  (11/8 – 15/8)
Theme: Stellar Contagion.  Works of Angela Su, Sophia Al-Maria and Victoria Sin.

Week 8  (18/8 – 22/8)
Theme: Progress.  Works of Wang Bing, Jiang Zhi.

Works of Luke Ching Chin Wai, Lai Lon Hin, Eason Tsang Ka Wai and Wong Wai Yin are also on view.




When: 30 Jun 2020 - 22 Aug 2020 Where: Blindspot Gallery – 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road – Wong Chuk Hang