Visions in Motion: Dialogues Across Media and Generations

Why We Recommend it

Op and Kinetic works by 95-year-old Franco-Venezuelan master Carlos Cruz-Diez are exhibited alongside fluid paintings and sculptures by the next generation of contemporary artists.


Visions in Motion features evocative works by six artists from the gallery’s stable, from Cruz-Diez’ masterful optical illusions to gravity-defying bamboo sculptures by French artist Laurent Martin “Lo” (b. 1955) and Chilean artist Fernando Prats’ (b. 1967) unconventional and unpredictable images generated by nature.

The artists use the movement of the viewer, the illusion of movement, the movement of light, the movement in nature or the movement of the artwork itself to conjure a fluid and hypnotising sensation that only exists through the observers’ experience.


When: 27 Feb 2019 - 4 May 2019 Where: Puerta Roja – 1/F Soho 189 Art Lane, 189 Queen's Road West – Sheung Wan