Autobiography: Wayne McGregor’s DNA-inspired Dance at Freespace

Why We Recommend it

Award-winning British choreographer and director Wayne McGregor brings his mesmerising DNA-inspired dance Autobiography to the West Kowloon Cultural District.


For 25 years, award-winning British choreographer and director Wayne McGregor has created dance works that explore life through the experience of the body while reflecting his long-standing interest in science and technology.

In Autobiography, which will be performed at Freespace in West Kowloon, McGregor turns his attention to the body as archive. Inspired by the sequencing of his own genome and the 23 pairs of chromosomes that contain the human DNA, he will create a 23-chapter dance portrait shaped around autobiographical impressions and influences.

Like the infinite possibilities of individual lives, no two performances are the same. Each unfolds in a different way, with the arrangement of the 23 self-contained choreographic chapters assembled randomly according to a computer-generated algorithm. Performed by ten dancers to a genre-defying soundscape produced by the electronic musician Jlin, a longtime collaborator Autobiography offers a reflection on the fractured, multilayered nature of our lives and personal stories.

Since its premiere in 2017, Autobiography has toured internationally to wide acclaim.


When: 10 Jan 2020 - 12 Jan 2020 Where: The Box, Freespace – 18 Museum Drive – West Kowloon