Airing Her Own View: Xyza Cruz Bacani Captures Migrant Workers

Why We Recommend it

Domestic helper-turned-photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani takes back her own voice as she retells the under-reported stories on migrants and human rights issues in a solo photography exhibition.


We Are Like Air  portrays the experience of millions of mothers, daughters and families whose lives have been disrupted by migration. The exhibition title comes from the idea that migrant workers are treated like air – invisible but important.

Xyza Cruz Bacani (b.1987) is a highly acclaimed Filipina documentary photographer based in Hong Kong.Her works have been featured in the New York Times Lens Blog, CNN and other international media. Formerly a domestic worker herself, she reclaims the story of the migrant worker that has been told countless times by outsiders, who very often portray migrant workers as victims. Cruz Bacani portray them in a different light, namely, as champions who have overcome many hardships in life.

The exhibition is organised as a part of the Hong Kong International Photography Festival 2018, and co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and WMA. The latter is a series of non-profit programmes developed to spark awareness and engage the public on socially-relevant issues of great importance to Hong Kong.


When: 1 Dec 2018 - 20 Dec 2018 Where: Experimental Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre – 2 Harbour Road – Wan Chai, Hong Kong