Why LGBT Marriage Matters: Documentary Screening and Talk

Why We Recommend it

Local LGTBQ+ NGO Pink Alliance is screening the 2015 documentary film Why Our Marriage Matters and Brings Honor to Our Family, which will be followed by a talk on marriage equality in Hong Kong.


The 2015 victory for same-sex marriage rights in the U.S. was won in the court of public opinion before it was won in U.S. courts. New York-based producers and gay rights advocates Charles Ignacio and John Catania have worked side-by-side on LGBT issues for the past two decades. In the documentary Why Our Marriage Matters and Brings Honor to Our Family, the couple reflects on the road to the historic U.S. Supreme Court win that made their own legal marriage possible.

Kayla Wong, LGBTQ+ activist and founder of Basics for Basics, will share her thoughts on the status of same-sex marriage after the screening.

Founded in 2008, Pink Alliance is a non-profit organisation fighting for equal rights for LGTBQ+ people in Hong Kong. Through advocacy, campaigning and cultural events, the organisation aims to bring positive changes in the local community.


When: 11 Dec 2018 - 11 Dec 2018 Where: WeWork Causeway Bay, 20th Floor, Tower 535 – 535 Jaffe Rd – Causeway Bay