Xicheng revisited: Artist Zhang Litao traces his own history in Chengdu City, China

Why We Recommend it

Painter Litao re-imagines Xicheng, the now defunct district of his childhood that was once part of Chengdu, before the city underwent tremendous urban redevelopment.


In his paintings, Litao likes to reconstruct space. In this series, he reconstructs spaces as he remembers them from childhood.

Called “Puzzle of Xicheng”, this series is inspired by a now non-existent district in a city in Mainland China.

Within this show, the artist invites audiences to revisit old places in the city in an effort to piece together the “real” face of Xicheng.


When: 18 Jan 2018 - 28 Feb 2018 Where: A2Z Gallery – 20 Gage street – Central