Yuan Yuan’s Irregular Pearl: An Artist’s Exploration on Imperfection

Why We Recommend it

Chinese painter Yuan Yuan explores alternative aesthetics through his exhibition at the Edouard Malingue Gallery.


Edouard Malingue Gallery presents Irregular Pearl, an exhibition showcasing works from Chinese painter Yuan Yuan.

Yuan’s works are distinguished by their extensive details that are meticulously put together to create an artistic realm that is rooted in reality but also devoid of any realist aesthetics. While Yuan’s work visually neglects any human presence, this absence enables him to meditate on the relationship between an art and its audience. Through his paintings, Yuan invites viewers to formulate their own interpretations of art as they delve into the uncanny imagery of his paintings.



When: 2 Jun 2020 - 27 Jun 2020 Where: Edouard Malingue Gallery – 33 Des Voeux Road – Central