Ink Artist Zheng Li’s Reflections of the Classical Garden

Why We Recommend it

Zheng Li ‘s works push the boundaries of ink art in ways that help pave a new path for China’s long and philosophically-rich tradition.


This is the first major solo exhibition in Hong Kong of Hangzhou-based ink artist, Zheng Li, featuring 18 important works which infuse classical shanshui painting concepts with the artist’s uniquely innovative works.

Zheng Li’s artistic vision juxtaposes the contained beauty of the classical garden with the vastness of nature they encapsulate. The artist’s confident use of ink play is grounded in a mastery of brushwork, allowing him to create innovations within the lineage of the ink-painting language – making his work part of a contemporary evolution of Chinese shanshui painting rather than a subversion of it.


When: 21 Apr 2017 - 3 Jun 2017 Where: Hanart TZ Gallery – Central