Taste Art in a One-Day Multisensory Experience

This article is brought to you by the Hong Kong Arts Centre. 

In a city as hectic and unrelenting as Hong Kong, it can be hard to take time to enjoy the finer things in life. When we are constantly on the run, living with a sense of urgency and stress, overwhelmed as we all are with obligations to work, family and friends, we run of the risk of blunting our appreciation of life’s pleasurable and diverse flavours.

The organisers of the Hong Kong Arts Centre know all too well what a struggle it can be to make time for pleasure and culture. Since 1977, the non-profit arts organisation has worked hard to incubate artistic talent and foster a love for culture by offering up a roster of performances, screening, talks and exhibits that engage audiences across ages and social strata. This year, they are squeezing a roster of events into one day with the hope of inspiring audiences with the theme Taste Art.

Through a special programme, the Hong Kong Arts Centre invites those rushed off their feet to take a day of slowing down and savouring a multitude of inspiring works of art and culinary mastery that will charm all the senses. Hong Kong Arts Centre’s Open House 2018 programme invites Hongkongers to rekindle their appetite for art and food with a diverse series of events packed in between 2pm and 2am.

A celebration of spaces in which art, food and life intersect, this program shines a light on Japanese culture and cuisine through its engaging film program, while also tantalising the taste buds with the help of a “kitchen corner” serving up fare associated with the films screened. These include the flavours evoked in Naoko Ogigami’s 2005 film Kamome Diner, a moving work exploring relationships between people to each other and their cooking.

The kitchen will serve up delicacies seen on screen, including coffee, rice balls and cinnamon rolls, inviting visitors to enjoy a multisensory experience of Ogigami’s classic. Complement Kamome Diner is another Japanese film espousing the virtues of refined, thoughtful cooking: 1985’s Tampopo, by Juzo Itami, a charming work on cooking and love that endorses the joys of devoting oneself to one’s craft.

Also included is Just Moment Salon, a breathing space that incorporates light music and a soundscape in a setting overlooking the transcendental charms of Victoria Harbour.

Other related activities that will run between 2pm and 9pm include interesting workshops that invite visitors to make their own craft beer, jam and cutlery, allowing their inner cooks, brewers and craftsmen to shine through for a day. 

With its focus on offer a diversity of media reflecting on the theme, there will also be fine art to enjoy, alongside talks and guided tours.hong kong arts centre

Taste Art takes place on March 30, 2018. Click here for more information.




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