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F11 Foto Museum, Happy Valley

Why We Recommend it

F11 Foto Museum showcases over 100 vintage prints by the influential 1930s photographer Ilse Bing, whose commissioned works included assignments for fashion magazines Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.
Alisan Fine Arts Aberdeen, Aberdeen

Why We Recommend it

Featuring thoughtfully curated pairs of natural and urban landscape photographs, this exhibition intrigues with its exploration of similarities between nature and man-made.

Why We Recommend it

Household Gods showcases four specially commissioned works by Hong Kong artists that explore the relationship between mankind and the supernatural, featuring paintings, sculptures, installations and sound work.
Asia Art Archive Library, Sheung Wan

Why We Recommend it

As part of Asia Art Archive’s 20th anniversary celebrations, Womanifesto exhibits the groundbreaking history and development of a feminist biennial programme in Thailand, presented in a virtual exhibition tour on 12 Aug.

Why We Recommend it

An interactive online exhibition provides delightful coverage of Hong Kong’s historical identity as a trading harbour, featuring beautiful photos, thoughtful descriptions and apt video explanations.
Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Hong Kong

Why We Recommend it

Next Act features a variety of exciting contemporary art by local artists that pay homage to the shared history and collective memories of Hong Kong.

Why We Recommend it

Hong Kong’s neon signs are disappearing at an alarming rate, but they live on in a virtual M+ exhibition that explores the history, culture and aesthetic of the city’s neon.
University Museum and Art Gallery, Sai Wan

Why We Recommend it

This exhibit offers a curious window into the religious iconography of the Church of the East, showcasing ancient Nestorian crosses ( 12th-13th centuries) found in north-west China.

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